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Our company offers a wide range of packaging solutions that allow you to get the packaging that suits your needs. We are proud to say that we produce high quality and personalised packaging in Tartu, which also gives you faster delivery options.

Kvaliteet ja kiirus ühes pakendis!

Annual Production: approx. 48, 925 kWh (950 kWh/kWp)
CO2 avoided: approx. 34.2 tons per annum


Helping to reduce the ecological footprint of our customers packaging

In order to achieve this, we have taken steps to produce packaging using sustainable and recyclable mono-materials. This approach not only aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility but also helps to reduce the ecological footprint of your business. By offering packaging options made from compostable or recyclable mono-materials, we empower end-users to make informed choices that support eco-friendly consumption and sustainability. Furthermore, our dedication to sustainability extends beyond packaging. Our 50 kW solar farm generates renewable electricity, resulting in a significant reduction of over 34 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. By utilizing clean and renewable energy, we actively contribute to a greener future.


Doypack pakend


Doypack packaging is flexible, convenient and stable and is ideal for packaging a wide range of products including food, cosmetics, household chemicals and many other consumer goods.


Vacuum bags

Let our experience to work for you and order all your vacuum packaging from us! We are extremely pleased and proud that for over twenty years we have been manufacturing exceptionally high quality and distinctive packaging in Estonia.


Packing materials

Our advantage is that you don’t need to buy large quantities of packaging materials. For our loyal customers, we keep the raw materials in stock and cut them to the right size for your order.

Packaging materials

Kilekeevitusseade kottide kinni keevitamiseks.

Device for welding plastic bags. In the Pacman PHT series, you will find the simplest device, the “crocodile”.

The continuous sealer is suitable for closing large quantities of plastic bags and is also suitable for small-scale production. The bags pass the welding element in continuous sequence.

Lintkeevitaja on seade, mis on spetsiaalselt loodud suuremate koguste kilekottide sulgemiseks.
MiniElectric Fresh Pack Pro See tehnoloogia võimaldab tõhusalt pakendada erinevaid toiduaineid vaakumkottidesse

The vacuum sealer allows the food to be packed in a vacuum bag to avoid exposure to air. Suitable for meat and fish products, fruits and vegetables, cheese, pasta, coffee beans, etc.

The vacuum sealer revolutionizes food packaging by securely sealing it in a vacuum bag, ensuring that no air comes in contact with the contents. This ingenious machine is versatile and can be used to pack a wide range of products.

Vaakummasin võimaldab toiduained pakendada vaakumkotti õhuga kokkupuute vältimiseks.

Pictures are illustrative

Slitting and rewinding

We cut a variety of packaging materials (paper and plastic) in accordance with an order to the required size. As a service we slit and rewind rolls of packaging materials. Rolls with adamaged core can be transformed to be used again. A roll with a 152 mm core can berewound onto a 76 mm core and vice versa.

Producing vacuum pouches from the client’s material

Our company specialises in the manufacture of vacuum packaging, and our services include the ability to produce vacuum bags that meet your exact requirements and needs.


We offer printing on the customer's material, allowing you to customise the look of the packaging materials, but printing on finished bags is not possible.

Trust our long experience and give your packaging new life!

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I am extremely satisfied with this company! Their service was of a high standard and exceeded my expectations in every aspect.
The team is professional, friendly and their product range is impressive. Prices are competitive and delivery is fast. Thank you!
The price is reasonable and the packaging fully meets my needs. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone.
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